Friday, July 1, 2011

June Wrap-up

It's half-way through the year - so I think I should look at my resolutions that I posted in January.

1. Book pile by the bed has gone down slightly.

2. I am not looking under the bed, which is where I think some of them have gone.

3. Which likely means I have not been working very hard on tidying more often.

4. At least not in the bedroom.

5. The rest of the house looks - OK, it still looks like a bomb went off. In some rooms.

6. I have been taking more baths - especially after long runs and on cold days.

7. It's summer now - likely less bathing. More showers.

8. Getting to bed marginally earlier. I still wake up at 6:15 a.m.. Every morning.

9. Knitting is very productive. Still slightly addicted to P.vs. Z.

10. But so is my daughter. I guess if you are an addict, it's good to share it around. (It's a time-wasting, but otherwise harmless addiction. I think).

11. I have only slipped once twice in the yarn buying department. That I can see in my Ravelry stash. Both good purchases (Rowan Kid Silk haze and Dream in Color Smooshy).

12. Of course not everything is in Ravelry yet.

13. Speaking up thing is working. In the past month I have confronted a teacher who tore a page out of a book because the content was "immoral" ("but it doesn't change the value of the story overall") and asked that the school consider hiring me for more than one day a week.

14. Post blogs twice a week - FAIL. If you average it out, however, I'm way ahead of the game. March REALLY helped.

15. I like to think it is because my life is very busy.

16. Which is why I am sitting at the computer at 10:47 on Friday morning (Canada Day) - in my pajamas.

16. I have, however, darned the ends in on a sweater, made pancakes, drank 1/2 a pot of coffee, read the Globe and talked to my neighbour for 40 minutes.

17. I can accomplish a lot, it seems, when I am not playing P. Vs. Z.