Friday, October 7, 2011

September wrap-up - I know, I know - it's rather late....

It's been a month of getting back on an even keel with life. Kids back at school, students back at university, fall leaves etc. (blogs not getting posted on time)

1. As I previously mentioned, child number 1 is back at university.

2. Sending your child off to university is expensive.

3. Hope she'll remember that when she picks out my nursing home....

4. Sending your oldest to public school is not too expensive. Especially because he feels like he needs nothing except a box of pencils for school supplies.

5. Which was a good thing because this is the year that the football team goes off to California for 5 days. And the final payment was due in September.

6. Child number three is in private school. And HE had an extensive, expensive supply list.

7. Fortunately, his growth spurt was confined to his legs - meaning he only needed new pants.

8. And his feet have stabilized for the moment, so last year's shoes fit.

9. However, my car has chosen this month to need a new clutch.

10. We have started down that path of "Do the expensive repair on the 10 year old car or buy a new one?"

11. We seem to be heading towards "Buy the new one"

12. There goes the winter holiday.

13. It is supposed to be even colder and snowier than last year.

14. I guess (being a sensible adult) that a new car that won't leave me stranded in
-35 C weather is important.

15. I think I am tired of being a sensible adult.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

And another year gone

So 16 years ago today on September 23rd, I became a mom for the second time. (Many, many people have commented on the similarity in birth dates between the oldest two - both the 23rd. Honestly, neither of them were was likely the long cold winter months that did it.)

Although my pregnancy was completely unplanned, it brought some light to a very dark time in my family - my dad had died almost exactly 9 months to the day that CW was born. My mother had become quite ill in the ensuing months. CW brought us happiness and joy in a year that had not had much of either.

Unlike his sister, he was a quiet content baby - literally only fussing when he was hungry or wet (and really, mostly only when he was hungry). And that has been his modus operandi for the past 16 years - never fussing, never (or very rarely) bad-tempered, and a nice kid who, at least once a day, tells his mother he loves her - even on the days when he likely thinks I am not the brightest bulb around. In turn, I am trying (very hard) not to nag him - he is so bright and I wish that he would realize that with a moderate effort, he could be at the top of the pack in everything he does. But that is not how he operates - he is going to do things his way - and "really, mom, let ME worry about it" - what ever the particular It is at that moment.

Since AE went off to school, he has become a fabulous older brother - she was always around to buffer his and MH's relationship. Now they have to work it out together - and although it has sometimes come to fisticuffs, they usually make up in a few short hours. I think he is actually incapable of holding a grudge. He shows such a genorosity of spirit - even when he thinks his parents are being jerks. Once he calms down, he usually sees our side of it - or if he doesn't, he will, at least, apologize for his behaviour. Many adults I know could take a lesson or two from him.

So happy belated birthday - middle kids have it a little rougher than those on either end of the birth order (speaking from experience). They often get less attention, less time and less parental energy. This can help - or hinder- their progress, depending on their personality. For you, CW - it is all good. You seem to blossom and do the best when you are left to handle your life the way you think it should be. And if it is not the way your parents think it should be - well, I am happy to say that you often prove us very wrong.

Love Mom