Friday, June 22, 2012


....the last two months have disappeared into the ozone layer.

Frankly, I blame it on my iPad.

I don't much get on the desktop anymore and I find writing with the iPad to be a challenge. The keyboard is frustrating and then the words that I meant to type, but misspelled, get changed into words or phrases that make little sense, so I go on typing without proofing. And then I go back and re-read and it makes such poor sense that I don't really know what I really meant.....and so I give it all up.

But occasionally, I keep thinking about all the things I have up in my brain and I need a place to spill here I am.

What's been happening? Here is the last 2 months in 10 points or less:

1. Still running. I have done a half marathon here in my hometown and was really pleased with my time. I am planning on doing the Victoria marathon in October. And the Tucson one in December. Might be biting off more than I can chew. We'll see.

2. I have not yet learned that no is a complete sentence, as I have somehow found myself on not one, but 2 boards. This could be a busy couple of years.

3. Our baby girl came home from her second year in university. But not for long. She is headed for Spain in July. And then again in September. And not home until February. I already miss her.

4. The oldest boy needs to get a job. And soon. I cannot afford him for much longer. Too bad 13 year olds are not allowed to work. HE'S very keen to make money.

5. School year is ending this ended last week. Except for exams. But they will both be done by the 22nd. Which is today.

6. Calgary weather continues to suck. Big time. And on June 9, it was snowing in Banff. Technically not Calgary, but considering I was there and not in Calgary, it still counts.

7. I went to Vancouver for a quick trip. I spent too much money. What else is new? Oh yeah - the weather sucked there too. No snow, but cold and rainy/overcast.

8. I fell off the wagon and bought both yarn and books. Not part of the plan for this year, wherein I was going to knit what was in the bin and read what's behind the door. The books were "Let's pretend this never happened" by Jenny Lawson (drop dead funny - if you don't mind a little profanity) and "The art of fielding" by Chad Harbach. Not yet read, Started and came highly recommended. And I have read some of the books by the bed. I just keep bringing home other good ones from work. I have finally resorted to Goodreads to keep me organized - sort of. And let's not even mention the stuff piling up in the digital and audio book shelf.....

As for the yarn - just a little Rowan's Felted Tweed. In ginger. And some Americo cotton. In raspberry. And two skeins of sock yarn. And I am not counting the kit yarn that I get every 2 months. That's different. Sort of.

9. The Flames fell just short of the playoffs. And the coach resigned. His brother coached the L.A. Kings to the Cup. Calgary has a new coach. We'll see what happens. But I will be pissed if Brent Sutter (old coach) goes to a place like Edmonton and

10. Finally? Still knitting. I have made a sweater, a scarf shawl thingy, a pair of socks and am working on another shawl. Still not that much closer to knitting a marathon. Good thing my running pace is a little faster.