Saturday, September 18, 2010

Baby, it's cold outside....

So this was the summer when we chose not to go away. We typically go east for some family time, some cottage time and some sun. This year for very many reasons, we chose not to. My husband was (and is) up to his neck in a special project at work. Our daughter was working (for real money) and could not afford the time away. Our oldest son was working (for no money) at a camp. I was training for a marathon. Add to that several weddings and some family committments and Calgary seemed to be the place to be.

Now, summer in Calgary can be quite lovely - long evenings where it is light until 10:00, early mornings where it is light by 5:00 a.m., nowhere to be after work except the balcony with my knitting and a cup of tea - this could be a good time. Except this is the summer that never was - there was one (I repeat one) day in August where the temperature rose above 30 degrees C. Most days were grey and overcast, it rained just about every day and I swear I have rust instead of a tan. Meanwhile, Ontario had a hot sweaty summer, which sounds awful if you're in it, but from here, it sounded like a great place to be. Actually, just about anywhere except Calgary (or San Francisco apparently) were great places to be.

It rained every day this week. Today (so far) it has not. But the thermometer is hovering somewhere around 5 degrees Celsius. There was frost on the roofs when I got up this morning. I hauled my tomatoes into the garage last night for the 5th time in the last 2 weeks. But the worst part of it all? There is snow predicted for this weekend. There has already been snow in the mountains.

I have tried my level best to stay positive. I remind everyone that fall does not start until September 22. I wore capris and shoes with no socks for most of this week, for heavens sake. I ran in shorts Wednesday.

But now I give up. To hell with optimism and thinking that surely to goodness, it will be a nice October because we deserve it. Of course we do - but the inevitable reality is that winter is coming - and sooner rather than later. So the flannelette sheets are on the bed, I have turned on the furnace and I am going to dig out wool socks to wear to work. I am surrendering to the inevitable - winter is coming and I am going to be prepared.

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