Saturday, September 25, 2010

Knits, birthdays and other quick musings

So I suppose since I titled this blog "She's the mom who's always knitting" that I should tell you about my current knits. But I am lacking enthusiasm for both projects, so your eyes will likely glaze over.

Project number 1 - I am closing in on finishing what seems to be an interminable knit. It is Kiama from Berroco. I really like this pattern - it has a sophisticated type of line to it and although I really am not terrifically sophisticated, it's nice to have something that you can pretend in. But this thing is dragging on forever - the final few inches after the increases has me knitting 337 stitches per row. And it is slippery yarn, so it is easy to say, knit two stitches together and only discover that when you are knitting back on the next row. (Just ask me how I know this). Mind you, that is an easy fix - if it is a knit and purl together, you can figure that out because the pattern will not work out. (The pattern is K1, P1 on one row and purl across all stitches on the next. Repeat.) For some reason, however, the other night I was merrily working on the purl row, then was distracted by some minor household crisis. When I next picked it up, I started to K1 P1 - and only discovered that at about stitch 295 on the next row. Sigh. So it is boring and because summer never really arrived, my enthusiasm for this project left in about mid-August. I could just leave it until next summer - but the yarn is slippery and the few times that I have left it alone for longer than 3 or 4 days, about 40 stitches jumped off (and unravelled down several rows) and had to be picked up. I think the sweater is demanding my time and attention, so I am soldiering on - and I will likely be done just in time to pack it away for some more season-appropriate fibres.

I am also knitting socks - it is from last year's Blue Moon Fiber Sock Club - July package. And no, I haven't done any of this year's socks - why would you ask that? Most times the second sock just sails along - not this time, although I suppose if I worked on them longer than 60 minutes in a week, they would be done faster.

See? Told you the knitting was boring.

On other matters - our oldest son turned 15 yesterday. He was the sweetest baby - and he is a pretty sweet teenager (all things considered). He has just moved from the small private school that he has attended for 9 years, to a much larger public school. I worried (and worry ) about it - but so far, he is successfully navigating his way. I suppose what I don't like about it is that I have lost control of a very large piece of his life (about 8 hours of the day). I know no teachers, very few students and it's not like I can just waltz in and get an audience - which I could do at his previous school. I recognize that this loss of control is not really a bad thing - just different and I need to get used to it. And very much to his credit, he is taking care of business - every day (OK, apologies to Bachman Turner Overdrive for that one.)

Other musings?

I have my last long run tomorrow before I start tapering towards my marathon. Tomorrow's run is 240 minutes (we run time instead of distance) and I had a breakthrough on my last long run. On that day, we ran for 220 minutes and I covered 28 kilometres in that time - and doing the math means only 14 more kilometres - which I realized at the end was entirely do-able. According to the sports psychologist that spoke to our class last week, humans have between 40,000 and 60,000 thoughts in a day and over 80% of them are negative. So my positive "I can easily do 14 more kilometres" was a breakthrough for me. But then again, I'll see after tomorrow's run (negative thought - see how easy it is!!)

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