Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I will not ever never knit anyone anything for Christmas (this year)(with apologies to Lauren Child.....)

So a great number of the bloggers I follow are knitting for Christmas - but I am not.

I used to knit for Christmas - every year (in the early years of our marriage) I used to knit my husband a sweater. And that was a major labour of love, since he is 6'4" with VERY LONG arms. (Quick note to my daughter - smaller men are nice too. Just saying.....) All those beautiful sweaters are under our bed in a bin - he rarely wears them now - some are out of fashion, but it's more because sweaters are too warm for the office and he prefers a sweatshirt around the house. At least that is what he said. I am not knitting for him this year.

I am not knitting for my oldest son - because he scorns my knitting during the time of year when it is most appropriate (see previous entry of November 29).

I am not knitting for my youngest son - he wears a uniform to school, has a great number of hats and mitts (most hand-knit, some by me) to protect him from the cold and he runs around the house in boxers and t-shirts the rest of the time. So I am not knitting for him.

I am not knitting for my daughter - well, I am knitting a pair of fingerless gloves - but they were a test-knit for Samantha Roshak last March and I am just getting around to finishing them now. So I am not knitting for her for Christmas.

I am not knitting for friends. Last year, I knit the French press felted slippers for a friend and her daughters. The felting caused 4 of the 6 slippers to look like they were made for the right foot - even though they were clearly and carefully made for the left (well, two of them were). Despite all sorts of wetting and blocking, they are still sitting in my knit basket, all 4 right footed ones - and unless I can fix them up, there they will stay. So I am not knitting for friends.

I am knitting for me - but these are projects started long ago, with no real deadline in mind - and considering that I have only braved the mall once in the past 2 weeks, we still do not have a Christmas tree and the only baking I have is shortbread sent by my mother, I think the writing is on the wall that these sweaters will not be done for Christmas either.

So I am not knitting for anyone this year - and to be honest, all I mostly feel is relief , tinged with sadness because I like to gift people with things I have made. But I value my sanity and I know that if I knit for one, I would feel obliged to knit for all - and I can't do that (well, I could - but I would have to give up all hope of sleeping, eating, running or working in the next 10 days and these are things I also value greatly).

Next year, I might knit for others - but this year, I am not (unless someone comes up with the perfect knitting gift that takes 1 hour (tops) and requires yarn that is in my stash - why then, THEN I might be tempted......)

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