Sunday, December 26, 2010

The luck of the draw

So I have had a string of good luck this year - at least that is what others have called it. I won the 50/50 draw at the Roughnecks lacrosse game in April. I won free tickets to see a writer I like. I won some free patterns on various blogs. The latest was a $50 win on a lottery ticket that I purchased in October. (Before I go on, I should say that I am not, by any stretch of the imagination, a gambler - but I do take the occasional flurry - usually when I go to buy a Saturday paper and the ticket booth happens to catch my eye - and it is always a quick pick and I always get the Plus.)

I was walking home from a final Christmas gift purchase (yes - walking - because AE had the car - and that appears to be what parents do when their child has the car). (As an aside - it is SO nice not to have to drive her half-way across town for her extra-curricular life - and then have to drive back again to pick her up. Mind you, I have my fingers crossed the entire time she is gone - not because she is a bad driver, but because everyone else is).

Anyway, I was walking and thinking about luck - and I decided that I am lucky, but not because I win things. I am lucky because I have many, many things that bring my life joy and blessing - the money is nice - but it means nothing if I have nothing else in my life. So here is my list of things that make me feel lucky:

I have work that I love (even if it is not my ideal place of work, I love being surrounded by books and getting to read them - all, if I choose to).

I have enough to eat and to feed my family.

I have three wonderful children - all healthy, all mostly happy, and they seem to understand that if you work hard, you are rewarded, that laughter is good and that family is important.

A great husband, who loves me and lets me be me. He is still my favourite person to talk to.

Things that I love to do, like running and knitting and reading and cooking - and the time, space and money to pursue them all.

Good friends - the women in my book-club, the university friends (that I see only once a year, but make me feel like we only parted last week, instead of 30+ years ago), my childhood friend who is coming to visit next week, and my newer friends who have only become part of our life in the last 3 or so years.

The skills and time (and money) to give to those organizations whose work inspires me.

3 brothers and a sister (and their partners) who I am exceptionally close to - even when we live many miles apart.

My mother, who continues to inspire me with her zest for life and her refusal to be old, in spite of her 87 years.

The fact that I live in Canada - I think there is something special about Canada and Canadians and despite our current Prime Minister, we still have the potential to be one of the world leaders in common sense, good judgement and generous natures. Maybe it's the cold and snow??

There is lots more I could name - but won't, because that would be boring. It just seems that occasionally, I should stop and count the lucky moments in my life - the luck that comes from who and what are around me, not what I win.

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