Saturday, January 15, 2011

What's with this cold??

So I am starting a campaign for "Stupid Cold" days - where you are stupid if you go out. The weather in Calgary this week has been downright chilly. Yesterday was -29 (with the wind chill) and today it was -20 when I got up. There is minimal wind however, so the radio stations are not reporting the wind chill - and it even looks like the sun is coming out.

I only want "Stupid Cold" days from Monday to Friday, mind you - so I don't have to go to work - just stay at home where it is sensible, to drink coffee and knit or read or nap. Since I am not in one of those jobs where the world would fall apart if I did not show up (say, like a doctor or a bus driver) I suppose I could call in sick - but I am haunted by an exalted sense of responsibility, so I haul myself out to the car and into traffic to get up to the university to do my thing. But the chair and blanket and yarn beckons relentlessly.

The local drive-home CBC show has been running a "It's so cold...." phone in this week and I have my own completion statements. It's so cold.... that my "designed in Sweden built in Canada" car window stopped working and needed an extensive, expensive repair before it would go up again. It's so cold..... that my computer hard drive got sick (i.e. developed a virus) and at last look appears headed for Mexico. It's so cold....that no one wants to run - even with all their cold weather running gear. It's so cold..... that even the teenagers are putting on hats and hoods (but no mittens - has to be -45 for mittens to appear, apparently.)

It looks to be warming up for next week, for which I am eternally grateful - people will want to run again, my car will be happy - and maybe even my computer will work again.

But I still think "Stupid Cold" days are a good idea.

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  1. I LOVE this idea. In Texas, we could have used "Stupid HOT" days. It seems like the animals know better than we do--head south in the stupid cold or hibernate, nap in the stupid heat.