Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Jan? It's about your family.....

It all started Christmas of 1990 when my family came to visit. I have 4 siblings and in 1990, my dad was still alive, so they all came for Christmas. In addition to the two of us, we were 11 in number.

We live in a large house, built in the early 1900s. (You have to know Calgary to appreciate that this is an ANCIENT house - we tend to tear everything older than 50 years down). It is large enough to absorb 11 people and not feel too squished. However, the dishwater backed up Christmas night (let me repeat - the dishwasher, Christmas, 11 people in the house).

Two years later, my brother and his boys came to visit - and the toilet got clogged. Turns out a loonie got stuck (had fallen out of someone's pants pocket into the toilet) and things wouldn't ....clear, if you catch my drift. However, my husband and brother took the toilet off and into the backyard and got the loonie out.

The next time, my family came to visit, one of the children turned the hot water on in the bidet and left it running. (Yeah, I know, a bidet. We didn't put it in and it has since been torn out, but at the time, it was a great diaper rinser.) The hot water tanks both drained - not a big deal, because they do fill up and heat up again (not quickly), but a lot of water went..... down the drain in the process.

The next time? The toilet(s) plugged again - not a loonie, not sure what it was, but not pretty.
The next time? The dishwasher broke (the main seal) so we bought a new one.
The next time? The laundry drain got blocked.
The next time? The washing machine stopped spinning.
The next time? Another new dishwasher.

And on it goes. It gets so that if there is any plumbing problem, my husband turns to me and asks which one of my family is coming to visit.

So I have booked a plumber for this weekend. My brother is coming for a visit and I want to be prepared.

P.S. I know - still nothing about the knitting. Going swimmingly - will report next time - when I find my camera card.....

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