Saturday, April 30, 2011

End of the month wrap-up

1. Apparently, I can't blog twice a week.

2. That means that either I have a dull life, or a very busy life.

3. I prefer to think the latter, but I suspect the former.

4. Knitting is going well - or it would be if I would sit down and actually do some.

5. A ten hour car ride surprisingly, lets you get a lot of knitting done.

6. But you don't see much scenery (I completely lost Roger's Pass on our way to Vancouver last week. Didn't realize we had passed it until we were in Revelstoke.)

7. Sometimes I worry about my lack of geographical awareness. But then I wasn't driving.

8. Running at sea level totally makes a difference.

9. I suspect the difference would wear off if I moved there.

10. No-one does pomp and circumstance like the British. It makes me want to move there and celebrate a royal wedding.

11. Second best option was a wedding brunch with my book club (and other assorted, interested parties).

12. Thank goodness for the technology known as a PVR. Makes getting up at 5:00 a.m. (instead of 2:00 a.m.) totally bearable.

13. Our daughter came home this week for the summer (hooray!!).

14. She couldn't get up for the wedding, even though she was still on an east coast time zone.

15. There is a new yarn store opening in Calgary.

16. Pehaps my daughter will go with me this weekend.

17. Not that I need any more yarn.

18. But she might.

19. In any case, it would give me something to blog about.

20. Does that reinforce dull or just rather pathetic?

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  1. I vote busy life. Enjoy your daughter in June. Mine is coming home too and I can't wait!