Tuesday, May 31, 2011

It can't be the end of May - can it?

Well, apparently it is - and that means it is time for my monthly wrap-up.

1. I am cheerfully knitting a spring sweater - in screaming green (607 Lemongrass - Blue Sky Alpaca.

2. The pattern is called "Something Red".

3. Red speaks to me of winter.

4. Since spring appears to have FINALLY arrived, I thought I would knit bright.

5. That does not appear to apply to socks, however, because I am knitting red socks.

6. After I finish "Something Red", I will be knitting something in "Eclipse" (Classic Elite Cotton Bamboo) for my niece.

7. The colour doesn't really speak to me of spring either - but it's not my choice. (Apparently, her mother isn't thrilled about it either).

8. I just discovered that my 15 year old has 9 days of school left before exams.

9. THAT speaks very strongly of summer.

10. What the hell am I going to do with a 15 year old all summer?

11. Not to mention his 12 year old brother.

12. This just speaks of trouble - big time.

13. In other news - I ran my second race of the season.

14. It was the Canmore Rocky Mountain Soap Company Women's half.

15. It is full of hills (including a hill over the last two kilometres (1.2 miles for those not into the metric system). (Click here for a link to the elevation - then tell me if you don't want to vomit!)

16. I did this run, apparently, because they give great loot bags.

17. It was OK - but you get the same loot for running 5 and 12 kilometres, as you do for 21.

18. Lesson learned - next time I will run the shorter race.

19. I am running a half marathon in Seattle at the end of June. I don't know if there is a loot bag.

20. Apparently, I am a slow learner.

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