Thursday, September 22, 2011

I have nothing....

So my daughter who is away at university was the person who got me started on blogging. She blogs (it's that one called "Some strange tide" over on the right) about her life away at university. (By the way, AE, glad to see that you took your mother's advice and changed back to the " 'cause how else would a prairie girl get to the Maritimes? ) Anyway, last year, I guess I nagged gently reminded her many one or two times about posting.

Shoe's on the other foot this year - she harassed me last week about blogging and how it has been far too long since I posted.

But here's the problem - right now, I got nothing.

I could talk about running and how we are into our last long run before starting to taper for the marathon in October. Yawn - been there, done that. I am learning that many people don't want to hear about me training for a marathon the second time through. So, yep, nothing there.

I could talk about what I am reading- but right now, it's a YA Alyson Noel - and I have discovered 1/4 of the way into it that I have already read it. Tedious.....

I could talk about knitting, but still on Flint, still on Boating socks, still not much further along. So nothing there either.

I could talk about my broken finger - but it's not broken any more - just crippled up and I have to have therapy. Kind of boring.....

You know - I seem to be leading kind of a boring life these days. I have a friend who is about to have a book published (consulting manual, but still....) and another friend who just got back from Italy. And another friend who is off to Houston for the weekend. And another friend who has gone to New Mexico (with her husband) for a week. Even my husband (who should stay home and share in my boredom) is off to Halifax and gets to see our daughter and go for dinner and meet her friends.

Sigh - I guess I could write some more blog posts. At least that would fill my time.

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