Friday, September 9, 2011

August Wrap-up

Already? Seems like I was just in June....

1. Child number 1 leaves has left for Nova Scotia tomorrow last Saturday.

2. She will (fingers crossed) did take be taking her mess with her.

3. She leaves her two brothers and THEIR messes behind.

4. My mother would say this is history coming back as destiny.

5. Not that I was ever that untidy (just ask my sister!!).

6. We had a lovely birthday celebration for said daughter at the GlobalFest Fireworks Festival.

7. It was Canada's night to shine.

7. The competitions are judged, in part, on music content of said country that is competing.

9. Apparently, Justin Bieber is what the competitors thought of when they thought "Canadian".

10. Judging by the reactions of the people around us, that's not who THEY thought of. (How about Tragically Hip, Great Big Sea, Shania Twain etc. etc.) But I did like Nikki Yanofsky.

11. It has been a glorious September so far. Lots of lovely warm weather and sitting time on the balcony with my knitting, my I-pod and a beer.

12. I have discovered the beauty of audio books and Audible.

13. They are the ultimate when it comes to multi-tasking.

14. I will do anything (just about) as long as I can be reading a book. Even if reading a book means listening to one.

15. However, I can't hear it over the drone of the vacumn.

16. So it is a good thing Child number 1 vacumned (sort of) before she left .

17. In knitting news, I am busy with "Flint". I love knitting top down - no seams. And with very few ends to weave in, this sweater actually stands a chance of getting finished and worn - say by October.

18. Socks are going well too. (Edwardian Boating socks - not that I wear socks when I am boating, but I like the illusion.)

19. A Looong run tomorrow - 200 minutes (3 hours and 20 minutes).

20. I am tired already.

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