Friday, November 11, 2011

October wrap-up

1. Finished my second marathon ever!

2. Took 29 minutes off my last time.

3. Any improvements from now on will be in much smaller increments, I feel sure.

Do I look happy, or what??

4. I promptly took 2 weeks off from running.

5. I am worried it will morph into 2 3 weeks if I don't get going.

6. Sadly, I have a very busy week this week.

7. My choice for running with the group on Saturday is 10k or 22k.

8. 10 K seems more reasonable - but that is only if I want to start at 10:00 a.m.

9. I have to work at noon.

10. This might mean I take off several more days.

11. Judging by the amount of Halloween candy I have been eating, I should have started running - say last Wednesday.

12. On other points - we got a new car.

13. It's a Subaru Outback.

14. Apparently, if you want to drive a standard, you don't want a car with leather seats (or vice versa).

15. We had leather seats in the Volvo because we had small chocolate-smearing, cookie-crumb-dropping, muddy-boot-wearing children and the leather was easier to clean.

16. Our children are older, so perhaps that means less mess.

17. Judging from the state of their rooms, perhaps we should have gone with the leather seats.

18. On a knitting note - socks are done!!

19. Sweater is just a time-sucking piece of crap.

20. But it IS a pretty colour.

21. Perhaps it needs a time out.

22. Or perhaps I need to start working on it and stop procrastinating.

23. On another note - I started this on November 1st. I am posting it on November 11. In between, I have spent what I consider to be an inordinate amount of time trying to get on a computer and folding laundry. Not sure why the two are connected - but whenever there was a load of laundry, I was folding it - and everyone else was on a computer. Coincidence?

24. I think not.

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