Sunday, March 11, 2012

Awesome moments

Today was awesome because.....

1. I ran for an hour and kept a fair pace. And felt OK at the end.

(Here, I tried to insert a picture of my workout as seen on my Garmin watch. Only I couldn't. Envision a screen that says "A glorious day in March" That's the best I can do. Sorry.)

2. The weather was positively wonderful. I can feel spring in the air.

3. I spent only an hour and got the housework under control (a major task, considering I hate housework. But I also hate a really messy house. Where's Mr. Clean when you really need him?.)

4. MH and I washed the car. Well, he washed the car and I got wet. Looks good, though.

5. The Roughnecks won. (I won't dwell on the officiating. But we won.)

6. Bed was really, really comfortable. And I got a good sleep.

P.S. Posting a day late. But the day was still awesome.

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