Thursday, March 29, 2012

Somehow, the month has gone away on me.....

Clearly I am behind on lists - very far behind (like 8 days behind).

I, ahem,have good excuses - but I won't list them here. It would take more space than the blog post.

List 22
My care package.....

Just sent a smallish one off to the baby girl.

A care package (the one I send) should contain:

1. Chocolate. Good chocolate. (Did you know that people who eat small bits of choclate weigh less than those who don't It's true. I read it in the newspaper.)

2. Money. Not a lot - just enough for a treat. And not every time. Just sporadically enough to give you a lift when it is there.

3. A small sign that speaks love to the recipient.

4. A picture of loved ones.

The one I get should contain:

1. A newsy letter.

2. Some home baking from Mom.

3. A picture.

4. Something I left behind during our last visit (but not my toothbrush - that's just gross.)

List 23

1. I sometimes tell people I have read books and then later realize I have not. (That's the danger of reading for a living.)

2. I would like to quit work - today.

I have others - but they are really not for public consumption.

List 24
I am famous for

1. Slipping and falling after giving the toast at my room-mate's wedding (and I wasn't drunk).

2. My Snickerdoodle cookies - at least among my son's Grade 8 class. And 13 year old boys rarely think anything their mothers do is fame-worthy.

3. Giving a good dinner party.

4. Living in a heritage house (well, heritage is relative. In Calgary, anything older than 50 years is considered heritage. And we live in a 98 year old house.)

5. Being "The Knitting teacher" at the Woman' Centre.

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