Friday, March 16, 2012

In an alternate universe.....

...where yesterday is really today(or something like that), I give you my next list.

Things I overheard today

1. You HAVE to be kidding - she really DID that? (Student outside the library on the phone. Bold capitals are mine - but that was how she was talking!!)

2. Two teenagers discussing their plans for the day off tomorrow (which is, um, today, but whatever. Or evah!)

3. A woman swearing at the gas cap. Or the price of gas. Or both. I'm not sure.

4. My boss, her husband and her daughter sharing a moment of "togetherness". It was nice.

5. My son and two of his friends texting in the car. But I don't think they were texting each other. At least I hope not.

6. The hockey game on as I came in the house. (And yahoo - the Flames were winning!!)

7. My husband snoring gently late at night. (Wish I had a tape recorder so he would believe me.)

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