Monday, March 12, 2012

My superpowers

The ones I have?

1. The ability to silence Grade 4 boys with a look over my glasses (my children call it "The Librarian stare")

2. The power to get us out of being lost - without the Garmin.

3. The ability to whip up a quick dinner using the old block of dried cheddar, some frozen peas from a year ago, a dried up tomato and some bread and pasta - and everyone will eat it. Well, they won't turn their nose up at it. Much.

The ones I would LIKE to have?

1. The ability to detect cat vomit a nanosecond before I step in it - especially with bare feet. (Don't laugh - it would save me a ton of grief!)

2. The ability to stop time until I am ready to go on - like before Christmas, when I am madly shopping. Or the 30 minutes before a dinner party, when I need 45 to get ready.

3. The power to have a clean house - with a nod of head or a blink of my nose (like Samantha in 'Bewitched'.

4. The ability to get the best seats in the house for concerts - without having to stay glued to my computer to get them.

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