Saturday, March 17, 2012

Where to start, where to start?

Today's list is Pet peeves.

And I have sooo many.

1. People who tell me that the stapler doesn't work, when it is just out of staples.

2. Students who act surprised when they wait until the last minute to read a required article - and then are annoyed with me when I tell them that the book is out and due back after they need it.

3. When my knitting doesn't go fast enough. Of course, it would be helpful if I knit. But I think it should go by itself.

4. Baskets of laundry that lie around the house and do not get put away. Apparently I am the only one who sees them. Who knew I was blessed with that kind of second sight?

5. My hip. Just as training season is starting up, my hip starts acting up.

6. Socks. And the children who leave them everywhere.

7. The cat that is sleeping gently on my knee - and then she bites me, the brat!!

8. Our home internet, that despite the provider's promises, keeps crapping out.

9. Stinky dishcloths.

10. Having to tell people that the garbage (or the compost or the recycling) needs emptying. And that the litter box needs cleaning.

That's probably enough. It might get ugly.

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