Friday, March 9, 2012

Happy places

I guess this means places BESIDES that little place in my head.....

1. The east armchair in the living room. I am not sure why - but the west armchair feels wrong on so many levels. And I always feel a little resentful when someone else is in my east chair.

2. Rib Lake - home of our family cottage. It's off the grid and a little isolated. I've been going since I was 5 (give or take) and there are very few summers I have missed a trip.

3. Our bed. With flannelette sheets, my husband gently snoring and a cat softly purring. Even better if it is -25 C and snowing.

4. The Extreme Bean on a Saturday morning, after a run short or long. Drinking coffee, eating multi-grain toast and PB and J. And chatting with my running friends.

5. Book Club. With a glass of (red) wine, some good munchies and great conversation.

6. Any place with a book.

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