Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A quick catch-up

List 19

Dear _________you can make me happy by.....

Dear self
You can make me happy by:

1. Responding to the diligence and time I have spent on monitoring my food intake and dropping a few pounds

2. Stilling the pain in my hip, so I can run without hurting.

3. Help me stay on task, instead of leading me astray, to waste my time playing games and cruising the Internet.

4. Giving me reasons to smile and chill, instead of tensing up the majority of time.

Sometimes my physical self can be difficult.

List 20.

Favourite memories

1. The look on my husband's face as I walked up the aisle towards him.

2. Holding each of our children for the first time.

3. Finishing my first marathon.

4. Finishing my second marathon. Completely different from my first.

5. My dad at his favourite time of the year - Christmas.

6. The times I have been able to completely surprise my husband. There have been three.

And finally?

List 21

With an extra hour in the day I would:

1. Get through a pair of socks in a month, instead of the two it takes me now.

2. Get more reading done.

3. Cook better more creative meals.

4. Actually have more friends in, rather than just thinking about it.

5. Be a more regular blogger.

6. Write to my aunt in Australia.

7. Spend more time with my friends.

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