Friday, March 11, 2011

9, 10 and 11

So I am just a little behind on my posts - several busy nights behind me left me little time for the making of the lists, although I have been checking on what the next lists are,and making them in my head etc.

List 9 - Favourite web sites/blogs

This is easy - I only have to open my Favourites list to see that a great many are knitting blogs. I do have favourites among them where the writing is at times humourous, poignant or thought-provoking.

Blogs (in no particular order)
1. Murrmurrs
2. Yarn Harlot
3. The Panopticon
4. The more the messier
5. Cast-on
6. So the thing is....
7. Turtlegirl's bloggy thing

1. (Yes - in spite of the violence, the hits and the behind the times management, I love hockey - especially the Flames)
2. Knitty
3. Super Text-twist
4. Calgary Public Library
5. Webs

And I could go on and on and on.....

List 10 Wishlist

I am on record as saying that I really don't have wish list (well, it was actually a bucket list that I don't have) because one should always try and make wishes happen. I had a friend die unexpectedly last year and so I realize even more that I need to do those things that I long to do and not put them off to another time.

So the things that I want to do are:
1. Run both the New York and Chicago marathons
2. Visit Newfoundland
3. Host more dinner parties.
4. Practice my writing by looking for opportunities to write articles.
5. Buy an I-phone - better yet, an I-Pad. (Not sure why, I just like technology....)
6. Go back to England - and while I am there, visit Wales and Ireland.

Hmm - pretty short list - but I am trying to live more in the moment and not wish for that which is unachievable - so I guess that is why it is so short.

List 11 Date night ideas

1. Seeing a current movie - spontaneously.
2. Going for a long walk through the park and down to the river - and just talking.
3. Trying a new restaurant and not having to rush through to get some place afterwards.
4. Going to hear some music - maybe in a bar or club (now that they are smoke-free).
5. Bringing home take-out (without me arranging it, opening a bottle of wine and just relaxing.
6. Hanging out at a book store.

Really - my standards are not that high. I think by the time you have been through the years of newly married-newly parents-hanging on for dear life until Friday night comes- type of scenarios, date nights can be really easy. It's the gesture that counts, not the actual place.

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