Monday, March 14, 2011

Weekly rituals, DIYs I want to try and things I love about....

So one of things I am discovering is although I like making lists, I'm not great about following 30 days of it. Maybe because the most practice I have is in making grocery lists and To-do lists for the weekend? Most of the time the lists are in my head - and so perhaps I would get more done and feel a different sense of accomplishment if I actually wrote them down. Hmmmm - things to ponder.....
On a different note - here are my catch up lists:

List 12 Weekly rituals
1. Mid-week run with Brandee and Wendy
2. Watching the Flames game on TV
3. Monday catch-up on the PVR (usually House, The Good Wife and Glee).
4. Saturday morning run, followed by coffee
5. Grocery shopping
6. Sunday night soup
7. Weekly phone call with my mom and my sister.
8. Making Sunday morning pancakes for my family.

List 13 DIYs I want to try
1. Reupholstering a chair (I have 3 that badly need it).
2. Making cheese - ever since I read Animal Vegetable Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver, I have been OBSESSED with the idea of making my own cheese. Also a little nervous....
3. Quilting - I already sew, but I am really keen to make a quilt. I took a class eons ago - just never put the skill into practice.

List 14 Things I love about knitting
1. Watching the item in question grow from a ball of yarn to a finished challenge
2. Wearing something I have made and having someone comment on it
3. Trying new yarns (and there are so many to try)
4. Watching my Projects list grow on Ravelry (OK and my queue of things to knit grow longer)
5. Gives me a reason to sack out in front of the TV - because really, I am multi-tasking.
List 14a (when one list is not enough) Things I love about running
1. Mastery over my body
2. Because even when I am wheezing at the finish line - I still have run.
3. Meeting all sorts of runners who are way faster than me - but it doesn't matter, because we are all members of a common community. O.K., maybe a community with some suburbs in it like the Boston qualifiers and the trail runners and the weekend warriors - but we are all still neighbours!
4. The cool gear -nothing makes me happier than my lap time when it pops up on my Garmin.
5. The clothes - because they make me feel like a runner - and there is something to be said about that. Even on the days when I ache and the last thing I feel like is getting my shoes on - if I get the gear on, then it pumps me up.

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