Saturday, March 5, 2011

Weekend goals

List 5 - Weekend Goals
Shop for groceries
Get the laundry done
Try and sleep in
Run once
Iron next week's shirts
Read the Saturday papers

The phrase "weekend goals" is a little bit of an oxymoron,don't you think? The weekend should be a time of relaxation and hanging out. Instead of which, we tend to (or I tend to) fill it up with the stuff that didn't get done last week or needs to get done for next week.

Weekends used to be different. They were more civilized - we could sleep longer (although I certainly didn't). I could relax over the paper and a pot of coffee in my PJs until the paper was done or the coffee. We shopped leisurely, went out to dinner or had people over. Afternoons (especially winter afternoons) were for reading or napping or sewing or whatever.

Now weekends just feel like another work day - albeit with not quite the sense of urgency connected to them that a Monday brings, but a workday nonetheless.

I wish weekends were different - the Christian ideal of not working on a Sunday has some appeal, although I think that might mean working really hard to get everything done on the Saturday in order not to work on the Sunday. And if my memory serves me well, the books that I read in which people did not work on Sundays also meant that meals were cold and the only book read was a Bible - or Bible stories. And I would rather read one of the 60 or so books by my bed instead, and eat hot soup or roast chicken on Sundays.

But still the idea of one day a week where choice becomes the operative mantra rather than necessity, is an ideal I will strive for. Which making the list for weekend goals has helped me realize.

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