Friday, March 4, 2011

I'm kinda a list person

There are several blogs that I try and visit on a semi-regular basis. It's fun to hear about other people's thoughts and ideas. I even try and comment (when I think I have something to contribute) One of the blogs I like is We do not have a knitting problem (aka Irish girlie knits blog). She is currently doing the 30 days of lists from this blog. So I thought I would give it a try. Except that I have some catching up to do. So here goes.....

March 1
List 1 - A few things about me
Flames fan
excellent cook
cookie lover
coffee drinker
red wine drinker
knitting teacher
board member

March 2
List 2 - Things I'm good at
wifing (Is that a verb?)
being a friend
my job
doing laundry (What? It's a skill!!)
ironing (don't do it lots, but I am good at it - sadly)
making a mess

March 3
List 3 - Things I am looking forward to
The weekend
Finishing the pair of socks I have started
My Saturday morning run
Watching my youngest play basketball this weekend
Saturday nights at home
Visiting my sister in April
Going to see Elton John in May
Hot weather (but not too hot)
My next marathon
Starting a new book
Coffee in the morning
Tea at night

March 4
List 4 - Today's playlist
In the bedroom
CBC 99.1 - Jim Brown and the Eyeopener
In the kitchen
Sounds of the family getting going
In the car
102.1 Radio 2 Morning with Bob Makowicz
A year of pleasures by Elizabeth Berg(Audible book on I-Pod)
In my head
Ain't good enough for you by Bruce Springsteen (Plays over and over and over.....)

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