Friday, March 18, 2011

Places to see in my town

I live in Calgary - and it is a relatively new town on the spectrum of history. But we are developing a "cool" status (I think) and here is where I would take my guests:

1. Top of the Calgary Tower (on a clear day, that is). It was fondly called the Prairie Penis when we first arrived in town. And then there was that whole Eastern plot, when Petro Canada (the government owned oil company) built their towers taller. Muttered comments of eastern domination were heard in all the best offices and clubs. But the tower remains a neat place to go. And once a year, we get to climb it, as an initiative of Alberta Wilderness Association.

2. The Glenbow Museum - beautiful art, great travelling shows and a gallery that speaks to the heritage of the city.

3. Nose Hill Park. It looms over the city, covering 11 square kilometres. It's a lovely place for a walk on an afternoon, a great place for a run - and there is lots of wildlife everywhere.

4. A bike along the city pathways - you can bike from Bowness Park in the northwest, to Fish Creek Park in the south-east. Now if they would only designate more on-street biking routes, we'd be set.

5. Not a shopping mall - because there are no yarn stores there. And who needs more American Eagle or Lulu Lemon?

6. Pudding Yarn - my favourite. That's for my friends who like to knit.

7. Several independent book stores - Pages in Kensington, Owl's Nest in Britannia - and I just noticed a new one on 4th Street.

8. Lina's - the best Italian store in town. Great sandwiches and pizza and a meat and cheese counter to die for.

9. Fair's Fair - a local second-hand book store.

10. Inglewood - great antiques, funky clothes and beads and good coffee and food.

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