Thursday, March 17, 2011

Getting the groceries

List 15 - What's on my shopping list?

Let's see - my list is minimal. I only list what I know I am out of. The rest is the regulars - you know, veggies, fruit, lunch stuff, bread, milk (why do teenagers drink SO MUCH MILK?).

So this week's list has:
1: Cumin - (half-way through making chicken chili when I discovered that one).
2. Garlic powder - my husband was halfway through making burgers when that was discovered (I suggested he try real garlic. Apparently it is not the same. Who knew?)
3. Coconut - made some yummy spinach coconut soup last week and used up the last of it.

That's it!!

As an aside, it's funny that I would assume groceries. I mean, the blog didn't say groceries - there's lots of other things I could put on a list if it said Shoe shopping list. Or Yarn shopping list. Sadly, you are left with the mundane grocery list instead.

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