Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Oh dear...

March 8 - Things in my bag

This could be embarrassing, since I never clean out my purse - ever. (Perhaps this will prompt me to do so.)

1. Wallet - overstuffed with receipts and cards (credit, loyalty and business).
2. Phone - turned on.
3. Notebook - for recording book lists (for book club), music/songs I want to hear, web sites I want to visit, addresses people give me, things I hear on the radio.
4. 3 receipts from the active release chiropractor I have been seeing.
5. A lab requisition for tests from my annual physical.
6. Two small bottles of hand cream - what, one is not enough?
7. One toothbrush (unopened) from the visit to the dentist in January.
8. 4 pens. (Probably only one works.)
9. 1 package triple A batteries (Duracell - the copper top battery!)
10. The book The Giver by Lois Lowry - because one of the teacher's wants to know if Grade 4 boys would enjoy it, so I am re-reading it.
11. A lottery ticket from February 5, 2011.
12. Packaging from a Bay gift card.
13. Coupons from renewing my Indigo card.
14. Ticket stubs from A Drowsy chaperone and Don Felder - An evening at Hotel California.
15. A tube of lip balm.

At least the dead orange came out last week, the tube of lipstick that turns my lips beige is gone and my knitting is (temporarily) being worked on in front of the TV.

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