Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Favourite foods

I like lots of different food - and I go in and out of love with some - but today's favourites are:
1. Really good chocolate
2. Home-made pasta (lucky I have a husband that makes it)
3. Prime rib - done rare.
4. Anything with lemon in it.
5. Home-made cookies - as long as they don't have raisins in them (yuck!)
6. Oddly enough - butter tarts -with lots of raisins. I know. It doesn't make sense.
7. Caesar salad with home-made croutons and lots of garlic - with a grilled chicken breast tossed in.
8. Gelato - especially lemon and grapefruit
9. Home-made cupcakes - with a touch of icing on them.

Love coffee and red wine - but they aren't really foods per se.

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