Saturday, March 26, 2011

Books I want to read this year

1. All of my book club books (because sometimes I don't) and they are:
Wolf Hall (Got it started, found it...tough)
2. Let the great world spin (halfway through)
3. The help (LOVED IT)
4. The Lacuna - not yet
5. River thieves - forgettable
6. The little book - again half way through
7. Piano teacher - half way through
8. Red leaves - just started
9. The slap - May, so not yet
10. Bishop's man - not yet
11. The given day - not yet
And these are just the books to the end of June 2011. We pick the next year's in late June, so there will be more!
12. Long song
13. Moby Duck
14. Little Bee
15. Faithful place
16. Brooklyn
17. Dark Fire
18. All the Newbery and Caldecott winners (children's lit). The Caldecott are easy - they are picture books - but it is SUCH fun.

And the many more books by my bed, too many to note.

Gotta go read, but before I do, I love this post (it was also on the 30 days of lists blog).

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