Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Today's To-Do List

1. Finish the tile project I am working on with Karen.
2. Have lunch with Nancy.
3. Cruise the new section of Chinook Mall (they just opened an "Anthropologie"....)
4. Run with Brandee and Maureen.
5. Hang laundry on line (spring-time - gotta dry those sheets outside!!)
6. Watch the Flames win (or lose, as the case may be).
7. Finish the gusset on my sock.
8. STRETCH after running.

This is not a typical day - because I usually work on Wednesdays at the school library. But it is spring break - which gives me a rare day to do what I want (Well, except for nag remind the boys about their chores. Because they really like that.)

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